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How To Use Maxi Peel

Maxi Peel has three levels — 1, 2, and 3. There hasn’t been a Maxi Peel 4 on the market for years now.

In the current product lineup, Maxi Peel 1 is the mildest formulation, while Maxi Peel 3 is the strongest.

How To Get Started Using Maxi Peel Exfoliant Solution

Ideally, you should start with the lowest strength (#1) at a frequency of once or twice a week just to see how your skin reacts to the chemicals. Do a patch test behind your ear or on your jawline the very first evening. Wait the next day to see if there are any alarming reactions.

The following week, up your usage to three times a week or every other night, until your skin can tolerate an application every night.

Yes, this solution should be applied in the night time with a cotton pad. Just one or two drops will do.

Once you’re done with the Maxi Peel 1 bottle (30 ml or 60 ml) and you like what it’s doing to your skin and you don’t see any alarming side effects, then progress to the medium-strength Maxi Peel 2.

After two months, give your skin some rest from this chemical treatment. This is very important.

When you need more, then use Maxi Peel 3. With this level of strength, you may want to dilute it with water and use a spray bottle to apply it to your face and neck.

Use With Caution

  • If you feel that your skin is reacting violently to this product, stop using it immediately.
  • Please don’t use this product if you think you might be pregnant.
  • Try to limit this product to your face, neck, elbows and knees. Never use it all over your body at the same time. That’s too much strong chemicals entering your bloodstream.
  • If you are seeing a medical professional — whether it’s a dermatologist, an internist or even a dentist — do mention that you are using this product and show the ingredients list. You’ll never know what contra-indications there are.
  • The most important thing to remember for most Maxi-Peel users who can regularly use this is to protect your skin during the day with sunscreen. Because your skin is peeling, young new cells are surfacing, and these fresh beautiful cells are sensitive to the sun. They are more prone to damage.
  • Do not use more than two months at a time. Give your skin some rest and let it find its natural equilibrium. You may even want to stop after four to six weeks if you already are satisfied with the results.

Remember that these are chemicals. They’re great in that they spur our skin to rejuvenate faster and help us look prettier, but at the same time these are chemicals that are not naturally present in our bodies or in our immediate environment under normal conditions.

Be pretty and healthy. ๐Ÿ™‚