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Ube Gulaman – Zang Brand


Gulaman (Agar-Agar) with the flavor of Ube (Purple Yam) — use to make “Japanese raindrop cake”

The sachet is very small but it's good for making eight cups!

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Gulaman (Agar-Agar) with the flavor of purple yam.

Ube Gulaman Powder Mix from Cebu, Philippines!

What is Gulaman?

Gulaman is “jelly” made from natural seaweed extract.

Whereas the American gelatin Jello is made from animal product, Gulaman is 100% vegetarian.

Ingredients of the Zang brand of ube gulaman: Sugar, Carrageenan (Agar-Agar), Potassium Chloride, Vegetable Gum, Ube Flavor, FDA Approved Red #40 and Blue #1

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